Oakfield Policies

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Core Policies and Documents (National Minimum Standards)            

1 Anti Bullying Policy

2 Child Protection Policy

3. Discipline and Behaviour Policy Updated November 2018 

4. Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Policy

   5 Managing Medicines in School and Residential

6. Safety and Supervision on School Journeys

7. Access to school premises by people outside the school

8 Pupil access to risky areas of the school buildings and grounds

9. Health and Safety Policy

10 Pupil Access to a Person Independent of the School Staff Group

11. Provision for pupils with particular religious dietary language or cultural needs

12. Supervision of ancillary contract and ‘unchecked’ staff

14. Boarding Principles and Practice

15 Requirement of staff to report Concerns or allegations of risk of harm to pupils

16. Complaints

17. Pupil Access to Staff

18. Alcohol Smoking Substance Abuse and Managing Drug Related Incidents

19. Oakfield Crisis Management Plan

   20. Staff Induction Training and Development

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Additional Residential Policies

21 Room Searches 

24 Food safety and nutrition

 25 Named Person and Keyworker

26 Professional Boundaries

27 Night Time Support

28 Buccal Midazolam

29 Record Keeping

30 Job Share

   31 Fire Safety

32 Staff Supervision

33 Privacy and Dignity Policy

34 Homesickness Policy

35 Absenting Missing Childrens Policy

Additional Main School Policies

36 SEN Policy

37 Charging Policy. 

38 Oakfield Curriculum Policy

39 Oakfield Confidentiality Policy

40 Admissions Policy

41 AMA Guidance for Safer Working Policy

  42 Accessibility Plan

43 Epilepsy Policy

44 Allergies Policy

  45 E-Safety Policy

46 First Aid Policy

47 Emotional Wellbeing. 

48 Oakfield Attendance Policy

49 Leave of Absence Policy

 50 Oakfield Gifted and Talented Policy

51 Oakfield Homework policy

52 Oakfield Monitoring and Assessment Policy

53 Oakfield Teaching and Learning Policy

54. Alternative Provision

55 Whole School Dyslexia Policy

56 PSE Sex and Relations Policy

57 Paternity Leave policy and procedure schools

58 Policy for Visitors, Volunteers and Supply Staff

59 Travelling and Subsistence Policy

60 Sickness Absence Policy

61 Single Equality Policy

62 Teachers Maternity Headteacher’s Guide

63 YHGfL Guide to Using Facebook Safely

 64 Educational Visits Policy

65. Whistleblowing Policy

66 Lone Working Policies Procedures & Guidance

67 Continuing Professional Development Policy

68 Asthma Policy 

69 Lease Hire Transport Policy

70. Staff Wellbeing Policy

71 Oakfield School CEG Policy DRAFT