Oakfield School
Mark of Excellence

Mark of Excellence

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Mark of Excellence 

Oakfield School has been awarded the Hull Mark of Excellence.

  • The school has been able to evidence that each of the following criteria has been met:
  • There is support for young peoples’ emotional wellbeing and HeadStart at a Senior Leader level.
  • There is an ethos and environment that promotes respect and values diversity.
  • Young people are supported to explore and understand their feelings and take responsibility for their emotional well-being.
  • Staff are able to identify and support vulnerable young people and request additional support, where appropriate.
  • Young people are support to voice their opinions and influence decisions
  • Parents and carers are encouraged to support the emotional well-being of their children and young people.
  • Staff are trained to support their own emotional wellbeing.
  • There are monitoring and evaluation systems in place to effectively measure performance and evidence impact.

Mental Health Support