Oakfield School



Pupils are expected to take a safe and sensible approach to dress and appearance. Oakfield School has no uniform regulations, however, does expect pupils to dress in weather-appropriate clothing with no overly cropped or short items.

Shoes and boots must not be excessively heeled and must not have steel toe caps. The school rely on parent/carers to support the school in ensuring that pupils are appropriately dressed and ready for school.

Pupils are permitted to wear minimal jewellery such as a ring, watch or small stud/hooped earrings. No heavy items which could pose a risk to others or injury to themselves, and all jewellery should be removed before a physical activity such as the gym or sports hall activities. Facial piercings are not recommended; however, we recognise the importance of individuality and identity so if facial piercings are worn, we require a waiver to be signed by parents/carers, this is to inform participants of the potential risk of harm or injury.

If parents/carers would like their child to wear a uniform, there is the option for you to purchase school-embroidered clothing, such as polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleece.

A uniform catalogue and an order form are available from the school.

The school dress code is founded on self-awareness and self-esteem. We encourage pupils to dress in clean, tidy and appropriate clothing and footwear, ready for the daily learning activities. Pupils should bring a change of clothing for physical education and outdoor lessons.

The school will provide appropriate PPE for specialist lessons, such as Science Design & Technology.