Off-Site Provision

Oakfield School – Off-Site Provision

Our Aims:

  • To ensure that the provision commissioned is of a high standard
  • To ensure value for money
  • The placement provides the need for each individual student

Alternative provision is educational provision for students who are unable to access mainstream education for a number of different reasons, or who are unsuited to the mainstream provision on offer.

The school recognises that there is a need to ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible, providing opportunities for all students to succeed. Moreover, we recognise the need to offer the type of provision that allows some students to achieve their potential outside of what is accessible at Oakfield School.

To facilitate this individual learning pathway, Oakfield school works with different local providers to help students who have struggles to reach their potential in a school based environment to succeed.

Reasons why we might offer Alternative Provision

Students will be referred to alternative provision on the basis that this provision is more appropriate for them than what Oakfield School can provide. Some reasons might be:

  • The student’s strengths are not being developed through the national curriculum. Alternative provision recognises that students have different strengths and weaknesses and that mainstream education is not suitable for some. The emphasis on vocational education that some alternative provision offers may be more attractive and suitable to some students.
  • The student has had one or more fixed-term exclusions and is considered to be at risk of permanent exclusion from school. Alternative provision is seen as a desirable alternative to permanent exclusion for student and to encourage their continued inclusion in education.
  • The student has not been attending school regularly, and is therefore unlikely to achieve GCSEs. Alternative provision offers a different setting with a broader choice of subjects for students which may encourage attendance. Alternative provision may provide a greater opportunity for a student to a suitable post-16 pathway.

We have an Off-Site Provision Co-Coordinator that over sees the quality assurance process supported by the deputy head teacher. The Off-Site Provision Co-Coordinator also has the responsibility for developing links to new providers, building the relationships with their staff, monitoring the placement, relationships between staff and the students, and the quality and standards of the work produced. She also maintains regular contact and communication with parents and provisions. Each student produces a file of evidence illustrating the work they have completed on their offsite placements and both students and staff complete a pro forma to evidence progress made.

Before we agree to use an offsite provision we visit the provision and see what they have to offer and what they can offer the pupils that attend Oakfield School. We then ask for an outline of the course, copies of risk assessment, insurance details, DSB numbers, copies of safeguarding certificates and a completed SLA’s. Once the decision has been made for a student to attend the provision, we obtain parental permission and then take the students for a taster day or look around.

Referral Process


  • The school will use DfE publication Alternative Provision: Statutory Guidance for Local Authority’s (January 2013) as a basis for making arrangements for alternative provision.
  • Parent/carer will be fully involved in the process and any decisions taken.
  • Students who are referred to alternative provision will remain on roll with Oakfield School and the School funds their place in alternative provision. The school remains ultimately responsible for the student, and the offer of alternative provision shows a commitment by the school to an inclusive approach to the student’s education.
  • Oakfield School will set up a meeting involving all relevant parties, including parents/carers and others as appropriate.

Our Head of curriculum will also visit the placements termly to ensure the work is age/ability appropriate and to ensure that providers are fulfilling their obligation to provide the highest level of education and support to all students involved.

The majority of students are fully engaged in the main school setting, accessing a full range of subjects with the goal of achieving GCSE qualifications or equivalents.


Placements used supported by Oakfield Staff 

  • RDA – North Ferriby Riding School
  • Home from Home Pet Care
  • Hull FC YPC
  • Orchard Training and Education LTD
  • St Patrick’s Alternative Education
  • Vulcan Boxing Club


Qualifications offered

  • Level 1certificate in Multi trade construction activities
  • PSD E3 – level 1
  • Functional Skills/GCSE Maths and English
  • Skills to employment
  • Stable Management
  • Animal care short programme
  • First Aid
  • Principles of coaching and sports leaders
  • NVQ Animal management – apprenticeship at pets from home linked with Bishop Burton



  • Improved attendance
  • Promotes self esteem
  • Promote Engagement
  • Extends social skills
  • Working in a community
  • Improved academic achievement