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Residential Activities

Residential Activities

Residential Activities


During recent months within the residential provision, we have partaken in a variety of activities. A big hit during the summer months was crabbing at Bridlington. This became a favourite amongst both staff and pupils alike, so much so that a competition began to see who could catch the most crabs. The record hits a huge 43 crabs, an eel and a flatfish!! A statement from one of the pupils was “I loved crabbing; I just like being out in the fresh air”.



Another firm favourite especially among the younger boys is fishing. The boys have shown huge maturity and independence during fishing trips, and some have now purchased their fishing equipment to continue this hobby in their spare time. Locations such as Risby, Halsham and Pastures Lake have been used frequently and it has become apparent we have some talented fishermen in our group.

Alongside this the older boys within residential have been participating in more independent activities and often opt to use public transport to go into the town centre. They have also enjoyed beach trips and a spot of golf!

We have kept the activities varied and have frequently added park visits, swimming, bowling and for a special treat we had a night at the circus which was a huge hit and was enjoyed by all.

Graphic Design

Not all activities have been outdoor, recreational or sporting, with pupils also taking advantage of the use of the D and T department. Pupils have made a variety of art projects including personalised skateboards and also the latest galaxy planet trend background.