Oakfield School


Rewards Systems


Oakfield School runs a points/rewards systems which supports the vision statements to raise self-esteem, tackle behaviour problems and encourage a positive work ethic; all pupils will have their achievements and endeavours recognised. Verbal praise plays an extremely important part in these aims. How we speak to pupils affects how they perceive themselves.

Our Rewards Policy operates across the whole school alongside all other systems designed to improve the learning environment for our pupils.

The rewards scheme is designed to provide opportunities for our pupils to experience success and to raise their self- esteem.

During the school term the points system runs enabling each and every pupil the opportunity to succeed.  The points are then converted in rewards.

On Fridays, the school have an afternoon for the pupils to redeem the points they have achieved throughout the week.  Different activities are made available for pupils to choose from.

Oakfield School has recently introduced a new reward system. In November 2020, we implemented Epraise. Epraises’ primary function is to reward pupils’ points which can be used to purchase items from the schools’ online shop.  Items range from vouchers and sports equipment to toiletries and trips out with key workers. However, Epraise has many more useful and important features.

Epraise, rewards and beyond!

Epraise is the national school rewards platform. “Praise points” are awarded in line with a school’s rewards policy and redeemed against relevant rewards. A unique and innovative solution, designed to support student recognition, increase student engagement and drive positive learning outcomes.

Below gives a brief account of how the Epraise reward system works:

Set your budget

Decide on your annual or termly rewards budget and input the Praise points equivalent into the system.

Every teacher is automatically given a maximum budget of Praise points to award each week, depending on the overall budget and their role.

Define your reward categories

Establish the criteria you want to reward (or penalise) against, and how many Praise points each “activity” is worth.

Customise the Shop

Choose from our extensive catalogue the rewards you want to appear in your online shop. Pick and choose from thousands of exciting rewards including high-street gift vouchers, charity donations, sports equipment, beauty products, electronic gadgets, cinema tickets, mobile top-up credit and lots more!

Award your students Praise points

Credit your student accounts with

Praise points: through the website, with a click of a button


Students log-in to their account online to see how many Praise points they have been awarded.


Students spend their hard-earned Praise points on the rewards they want. Most items are readily available on site. Pupils usually receive items at the end of the school day. Pupils can purchase trips out with keyworkers. For example, they can visit a variety of food establishments or go to the cinema and see a film.

And it’s all logged and easily monitored!

Access real-time stats on which students are being rewarded for what, and which staff are rewarding regularly. Easily view Epraise league tables for school displays and review a student’s Epraise record with the individual and their parents or carers

Below are more reasons why Epraise is important to Oakfield School, parents/carers and pupils:

Messenger service

Epraise provides a messenger service which can be used by Oakfield staff, parents/carers and pupils. This gives parents/carers and pupils an outlet to discuss issues with members of staff at Oakfield. For example, if a pupil doesn’t feel comfortable discussing an issue in person or at the time, they can send a message to a member of staff as an alternative. The messenger service is monitored and has restrictions in place. Parents/carers are unable to message parents/carers of other pupils. Pupils are unable to contact other pupils.

Permission slips and questionnaires

Permission slips can be sent out and signed electronically. This avoids the unnecessary waste of paper and is a much faster method. Questionnaires can also be sent out electronically.


Epraise is linked to Oakfields’ SIMS. This allows staff members to remotely complete registers onto SIMS. This also provides instant attendance data for each pupil and can viewed instantaneously. Parents/carers and pupils can only view their child’s data. Staff members can view each pupil’s data individually, as a year group or individual tutor groups.

It is important that parents/carers keep updating their email address with Oakfield’s admin team for these functions to be accessible.

End of term rewards

Also at the end of each term the children participate in end of term rewards. Rewards are granted based upon behaviour and points achieved throughout the term. Some of the activities on offer are Big Fun, Go Karting, Laser Quests, Cinema and other various activities

A range of formal and informal activities contributes to the development of positive attitudes and self-assurance amongst learners. Activities both within and out of school hours are varied.

Approaches to promoting positive behaviour are clear and consistent. Children and young people contribute to establishing, reviewing and revising the school’s rules or code of conduct, as appropriate to their age or stage of development. They are clear about rewards and sanctions. Praise and reward are used to encourage good behaviour, as appropriate to the age and stage of the children.