2 Child Protection Policy


At Oakfield, we believe it is every pupil’s right to expect excellent teaching of an enriched and engaging curriculum, in a safe learning environment, which will enable them to reach their full potential so that they become prepared for adult life.

We believe that education is about acquiring good personal and thinking skills, developing communication and ICT skills; it is about becoming creative and reflective. This, we believe, enables students to achieve their full academic potential.

We believe that education is also about developing self-confidence, maturing socially and emotionally and becoming independent, able to make sound lifestyle choices based on enquiry and reasoning.

All our pupils will be treated fairly and with respect.

We believe we should set challenging targets for both staff and pupils, building on strengths and striving for improvements.

To promote high standards in lessons and behaviour, we will have effective systems for reviewing and developing our practice as part of our self evaluation and quality assurance programme.


We aim

  1.  to create a safe and secure learning environment in which high standards of behaviour and commitment are clearly expressed and realised;
  2.  to create a culture of high expectations and success for pupils, providing a flexible curriculum that engages and motivates groups of pupils and individuals;
  3.  to promote a sense of responsible citizenship in our pupils;
  4.  to build a professional community of teaching and support staff within the school, developing leadership skills and teamwork;
  5.  to build a capacity for future thinking, problem-solving and planning and distributive leadership;
  6.  to establish collaborative working with other schools;
  7.  to support and facilitate inter-agency work as part of a broader community approach to learning;
  8.  to establish and/or maintain and develop positive working relationships with parents and carers for the benefit of the child and their families.

In all these endeavours we will create a culture of pride in our school and raise its profile in the community and across the city. We will take opportunities to reward and celebrate our successes and will acknowledge and seek ways to improve.


Early Intervention

Children and their families may experience a range of needs at different times in their lives. Therefore, important for children to receive the right help at the right time, to address risk and prevent issues escalating.  At Oakfield we aim to identify where early interventions are needed to support families by closely monitoring children and highlighting any emerging issues.  If necessary, and with appropriate consent, information is shared or meetings are convened with other professionals to support effective early help assessments.


Operation Encompass

Oakfield has signed up to Operation Encompass in September 2017.

A Domestic abuse notification will be sent to the Child Protection Coordinator Jayne Oakley, by Early Help Safeguarding Hub (EHASH). This informs the school of a Domestic abuse incident and whether children were present at the time of the incident.

This enables the school to be aware and support the child.


Out of Hours and School Holidays

The Child Protection Coordinator Mrs Jayne Oakley will be available out of hours and in the school holidays and contactable on works mobile, works email address and will attend any meetings or relevant work out of hours and in the holidays.

The Child Protection Coordinator will inform the Headteacher in advance if she is not available any evening or in the school holidays so the Headteacher is available.


Important information for Parents – What parents need to know about MOMO.



Children’s Social Care (Local Authority) 

Early Help & Safeguarding Hub                                       (01482) 448879

Emergency Duty Team                                                       (01482) 300304

Child Protection Administrator                                       (01482) 790933

Local Authority Designated Officer                                (01482) 790933

Police Public Protection Unit                                           (01482) 578488


East Riding of Yorkshire

Children’s Social Care (Local Authority)

Call Centre                                                                            (01482) 393939

Children’s Services                                                              (01482) 396840

Emergency Duty Team                                                       (01482) 880826

Child Protection Administrator                                        (01482) 396472


East Riding Safeguarding Children Board                      (01482)396998/9

Local Authority Designated Officer                                  (01482) 396999


Police Family Protection Team                                         0845 6060222  ext 2407


The Prevent (Channel Team)                                           (01482) 220759