Oakfield School
Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Oakfield School is proud to offer its pupils outdoor-based education.  This is a unique facility in the area, and is a fundamental part of education and life at Oakfield School.

Pupils have opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom environment.

Pupils focus on hard skills and soft skills centred on co-operation, teamwork, motivation, independence, communication and resilience.

Each activity is sanctioned and regulated by an overseeing body. exclusion

Module Award Governing Body
Bushcraft NOLA IOL
Mountain Bike GoMTB Scottish Cycling
Search and Rescue First Aid ITC First
Navigation NNAS NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme)
Paddle Sports Paddle Power British Canoeing

Each element is taught using engaging open questions and focussed reflection on previous learning in order to help embed the transfer of skills that relate to life beyond outdoor education.  This is a key area of focus within the new Ofsted framework.

Personal Development

The curriculum extends beyond the purely academic and provides for learners’ broader development, aiming towards our pupils experiencing life skills in addition to their classroom-led learning.

Go Mountain Bike



First Aid

National Navigation Award