Oakfield School



Oakfield School staff are qualified instructors who have a genuine passion for being out on the water.  They are constantly seeking to improve their own water-based skills in order to pass these on to our pupils.

Pupils have the opportunity to participate in the British Canoeing Personal Performance Award.  Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers aiming to gain formal sanctioning of their learning and development.  This can be undertaken in Canoes and Kayaks, and pupils will have the opportunity to paddle both crafts.

Paddle Awards delivered include:

Paddle Start Award

The Paddle Start Award aims to provide an individual with the knowledge to enable them to safely get in, out and off their craft, make it move and return to the start point.  This is the first step into the world of paddling, with the emphasis on ensuring they feel safe, confident, and ready to progress to the Paddle Discover Award.

Paddle Discover Award

The Paddle Discover Award develops decision-making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking the individual on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler.

Paddle Explore Award

The Paddle Explore Award is recognition of a paddler’s ability to independently paddle their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.  Throughout the trip and journey, pupils have the opportunity to lead discussions, consider and rationalise their choices.  This creates empowerment and independence.