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Coronavirus Catch-up Premium

Coronavirus Catch-up Premium

Coronavirus Catch-up Premium


The followings settings are eligible:

  • primary, secondary and all through local authority-maintained schools, academies and free schools
  • local authority-maintained special schools
  • special academies and free schools
  • special schools not maintained by a local authority
  • pupil referral units
  • alternative provision (AP) academies and free schools
  • local authority-maintained hospital schools and academies
  • independent special schools

We will provide funding to local authorities for pupils with Education, Health and care plans who are educated in independent special schools based on the number of such pupils in their area.

Funding Allocations

School allocations will be calculated on a per pupil basis. Allocated funding is: £19,200 for 2020/2021 academic year.  The school has received its first allocation of funding and has used it to provide all pupils with a laptop in order to work from home.

Mainstream school will get £80 for each pupil in from reception to year 11 inclusive.

Special, AP and hospital schools will get £240 for each place for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

Payment schedule

Schools will get funding in 3 tranches.

  1. Autumn 2020 – this is based on the latest available data on pupils in mainstream schools and high needs place numbers in special, AP, hospital schools and special schools not maintained by a local authority.
  2. Early 2021 – based on updated pupil and place data. This payment will also take account of the initial part payment made in autumn 2020 so that schools will receive a total of £46.67 per pupil or £140 per place across the first 2 payment rounds.
  3. Summer 2021 term – a further £33.33 per pupil or £100 per place.

Schools should use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, in line with the guidance on curriculum expectations for the next academic year.

Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.

To support schools to make the best use of this funding, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published a coronavirus (COVID-19) support guide for schools with evidence-based approaches to catch up for all students.

The DfE guidance, Remote education good practice guide also states that, “Schools can send their catch-up premium on contingency planning for remote education, for example purchasing additional devices or textbooks.”

Please see the document below which details our strategy and planned spend.





Remote Learning Ensure all students have access to digital devices and/or wireless connection so they can access remote education. 20 laptops. £4,385.
Intervention Identified gaps in English and Maths are targeted during intervention sessions by a qualified teacher in school. 1 Identified Teacher

Safe space within the school for the intervention to take place.

£10,000 contribution
Mental Health and Wellbeing All pupils were offered an emotional wellbeing check-in session upon return to school following national lockdown – these drop in sessions have continued to be offered throughout the school day.  All staff can access appropriate support, advice and guidance. EWB Team

Regular review of workload, systems and processes

£4,815 contribution